I've caught him lying, what do I do?

Hi, so I caught my boyfriend lying to me twice already. We've only been dating for 3 months, but we are pretty serious about it. He already lied to me once saying that he wasn't flirting with some girl right before he started dating me (although he did stop talking to her as soon as he started speaking to me.) He said they were always only friends but she showed me messages on her phone and there was definitely something more going on. He's also lied to me about seeing his ex. Or at least he omitted the information. I asked what he did on the weekend (I couldn't see him) and he said nothing important, just some work stuff. However, I saw on her instagram that they had gone together to some park with more people. I don't think these are huge lies and I don't want to make a big fuss about it, but I also don't feel like confronting him about them because I don't want to be that type of paranoid super-controlling girlfriend. I just want to know if I should worry about this; if this means I shouldn't trust him and maybe take things more slow. I don't want to be played, but I also don't want to get crazy about this. What do you think?
I've caught him lying, what do I do?
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