What does she mean when she says "I adore you"?

(Note:* We are not in a relationship) But she knows I like her a lot! I always make it a point to tell her how beautiful she is (once in a while) and that I care about her. Even though I don't see her often I make sure to text her to make sure we stay connected... Anyways what does she mean by this and I already know she at least likes me as a person, as she sometimes states that "I'm a great person etc." But I want more than a friendship eventually as we grow closer and colser, so... (Note:*We are not really friends yet either, I would say, even though I've known her for almost a year lol) Simply put, I want her to be my girlfriend, lover, and possibly my wife one day. Also she even said I was "Amazing" once, but I seem to get mixed signals too afterwards...


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  • Have you told her how you feel? Have you said the L word?

    If you haven't given her any indication of how you feel, chances are, she's telling you FLAT OUT that she likes you without actually saying it. Easy out in case you don't feel the same way.

    If you have said "I love you" and she keeps up with this adore crap, she's not feeling it. At least, not yet.

    So I realize it's scary but if you're looking for, like, a litmus test of her feelings, you have to make the jump and just tell her.

    I'd say, knowing what i know about my gender, she wants to tell you a lot more than she's saying. So I'd go for it.

    • (Note:* I did say "I adore you" back to her, forgot to say this) and No I have not said the L word to her yet! Its not because I do not feel it (I do) but because I feel it might not be the right time to say so, and I fear it may have negative consequences to it at the moment. Even though I have not said it, I would say I give her some indications that I love her and want more than a friendship. but I don't do it so often that it could smother her, in case she doesn't feel the same you know... Also this is the first time she has said "I adore you" to me, so I am pretty sure she ins't saying it to just say it, and its not like she says it often I assume. Thank you for your input! :)

    • I wish i could say it gets easier. This could have been me talking. A week ago ;)

      Yeah it sounds like she's into you.

    • Thank you very much again for the input, now I'm feeling more confident! :)

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  • That she adores you.

  • she has feelings for you

    • Yeah I hope, but yeah...

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