He knows my name without me telling him?

I am a new student in this class (only been here for about 3 days) and there is this guy who I just so happen to have a little bit of feelings for now.

I sat down today and he came and sat right beside me. He never said anything, I could just feel him looking at me, every now and again. The guy next to him wanted to know what answer I got on a test and so he asked my crush to ask me. He said "Kira, he wants to know what you got for question 6" while looking down, and mumbling a little like he was scared or something. I never told him my name, by the way. He just learned it somehow.

I was wondering if that could be a sign he's interested in me, because no one ever knows my name or how to pronounce it.

(Sidenote: He called me by my real name which isn't "Kira" (that's my nickname). Everyone finds my name super hard to pronounce because it's Norwegian, but he got it right)


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  • It sounds positive and the fact he took time to learn it shows his interest... Speak to him follow your instinct..,, build something that could. Last a lifetime... great friendships build great couples... hugz.. n smiles πŸ€πŸΆπŸ€


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  • Maybe saw the class roll? Heard someone say your name out loud and overheard. Try and not over think, if you really want to know if he likes you, be friendly. Only way a shy guy is not gonna be shy is your natural friends

    • Every one else in class says my name wrong. That's why I was baffled when HE said it correctly.

      But I do understand what you mean, I may be looking into this too far.

      Thanks for the advice! XD

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