To the girls: Are powerlifters and strongman competitors attractive?

Here I am talking about guys who are relatively short, stocky but extremely strong. Like Darren Sadler or Vytautas Lalas. I am not talking about the big belly types ya know like Big Z. No abs but flat stomach. Huge shoulders and upper back and strong as f**k. Are they considered attractive or gross or what in your female eyes?

PS: I am asking out of curiosity and it is not that I will leave strongman training if its unattractive. But I am just curious as girl's psychology always went over my head for some reason

Yeah it is provided that the guy has a good character and such


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  • I feel like this was directed at me.. ^-^

    Bodybuilders are hot AF (outside of competition days). Short or tall, doesn't matter, hot.

    BUT, what really matters is if he's got a good personality. Can't have looks without personality and vice versa.

    - I am extremely attracted to large muscles.. but I don't require them in a serious partner.


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  • The usually have a thicker build than your typical guy that works out 7 days a week. I like that thicker build in a man, I find it more attractive than a man who is just ridiculously cut everwhere.

  • Sort of. The confidence and self-assuredness is very attractive, but their bodies aren't my favorite. They're a bit too stocky and bulky without the shape. Don't get me wrong, I *love* big strong guys, but not the guys with rolls of skin on bald heads who look like walking sides of beef.

  • not at all

    • He's going to cancel his gym membership now lol

    • @Mrwoo99 Nahh. Strongmen don't do what they do for girls. It is what I love and I will do it anyway.

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  • Strong men are not strong in these times. Even Arnold type of guys are work of a good shot or cut. I'm not skinny or fat dude. I do calisthenics, but we are living a more mental age. So, fit, swimmer body rules for women. Also, face>body for women.

    • Yeah tell me Eddie Hall or Brian Shaw is not strong LOL. Eddie recently deadlifted 500kg mate

    • But yeah i agree fitter and slimmer body rules for women

    • But, he could be killed by just one bullet to head. Women are no fool. They know what is strength in these times. Money+a good looking face+swimmer body> avarage meathead.