Why would someone befriend their crush's friends?


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  • Why not? Especially if they are fun, or just other girls to know in case nothing happens between him and you. Maybe he is attracted to them or maybe not. If you asked him to hang out with you and your friends then he should he able to make connections with them.

    • He could also be showing you that he respects your choice of friends or is cool with other people, or can just be sociable

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    • After calming down a little. Not a good idea to just go and rant about something. Better to have an actual conversation.

    • Thanks for MHO!!

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  • To get to know their crush through their friends.

    • We already know each other, and waaay better than he knows any of my friends. Or do you mean know more about them or how they behave when they are with their friends or something like that?

    • Yeah, either that or something shady like trying to get with the friends.

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  • To obviously get closer to their crush. To be part of group activities/hangouts. And so their friends can tell you stuff that the crush is keeping from you

  • To get closer to the crush

  • to fuck em when you're not looking


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  • To get closer to their crush? lol.

    • As in see them more often or getting to know more about them or what? I'm sorry I'm a little lost on the subject 'cause this is not something I could see myself doing 😅

    • Will give you an example.

      A has a huge crush on B. So A associates herself with B's friends C&D to be able to
      1) Get to know a little more about B
      2) Show B that she can get along with his friends.
      3) Be around B more often

    • Ok. Thought it might be something like that. Thank you for your answer! 😊

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