Girls never show me any interest? what gives?

So I started college about a month ago, and I just feel like girls never show me interest. Whether it is outside of school of inside of it, I feel like no girl likes me. i get no attention, no looks, no questions, absolutely nothing. And to make things worse, I have my dad telling me that I'm great looking and this and that. If I am so good looking, then y don't girl like me? If I have such a good personality, why don't they talk to me? I don't believe I am ugly, but I don't believe I'm "hot" either. I am average looking, at least in the location I live in. It just annoys me to no end, and it kinda depresses me. I see dudes that have bigger issues with insecurity and life in general and they get girls and girlfriends but me I don't get shit. And I understand that it might not be my time yet, but why does it have to feel like this? It doesn't make sense to me.

by the way I'm an 18yo heterosexual male who has never had a girlfriend. You were correct if you assumed I'm a virgin too.

I just want a girl to give me an opportunity, if indeed there's one out there that likes me. At least look at me a few times so I could approach you first. I got no problems approaching girls if I feel like they are interested. However, on the other hand, I refuse to approach a girl that I won't be able to gauge interest (or lack thereof) from.


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  • Hey you're 19.. it's all good :)... I mean I don't know you or your personality so I can't give my two cents. Are u outgoing? Shy? Maybe make eye contact with a cute girl in class or something, you don't even have to talk if you're shy but that will make her feel comfortable approaching you if she likes you. Be confident but not cocky.. that's always a good one. Nothing is a bigger turn off than arrogance for me at least. Just be yourself. I didn't have my first real love till I was 18 & in college. It's all good! :)

    • I actually 18 I don't know y it says 19 on my profile I probably put 97 instead of 98 for birth year

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  • "I refuse to approach a girl that I won't be able to gauge interest (or lack thereof) from."

    That's you problem right there. You have imposed this gateway that blocks your progress. A gate way of your own making. Which is built of your own fear, and a desire to never face rejection.

    But that's the thing guy, EVERYONE faces rejection. And we learn to deal with it, because it doesn't hurt as much as the fearful think it will.

    You need to get over that, and approach and flirt with girls you like the look of. Because that is how you will judge their response and see what they think of you too.

    • Well. I have tried before. I have been rejected 6 times in the last year. That's why I won't go up to a girl I like because there's no point if she doesn't feel the same way.

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    • I agree with you on the heartbreak shit, but remember there is always different perspectives you must consider

      This same girl who gave me an attitude the other day is friendly with some other two guys that are cool guys but they are irresponsible and lazy and they do hard drugs. As for me, I take care of my shit and I am cool to. I drink a little bit of alcohol and I know that might not be the best but it's not like I down drinks every day, much less every week. I usually have a drink every 2-3 weeks. But anyway off topic.

      What I'm trying to say is that I got more potential than those guys and even on some friendly conversation shit this girl gives me an attitude (btw I don't like here and I never have from a potential girlfriend standpoint), ESPECIALLY when you see her talking to these two other dudes and smiling and laughing that she doesn't know much about (like me).

      That's the type of shit that makes me wonder, am I gonna be alone forever? Along with other stuff.

    • You obviously don't want to hear this, but your odds of being alone forever are vastly reduced when you take more risks and open yourself up to the possibility of being hurt.

      Find the girls you like, not the ones stupid enough to be into drug taking frat boys. And talk to them. That's all. Put them at easy. Talk to them. If you can, make them laugh.

      For right now, in the early days of you learning how to flirt, consider a good natured laugh, a win.

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  • You just have to find a girl with similar interest. It takes a while but you'll find someone. Most girls aren't very genuine, you have to find one that seems true. Also no girl will seem interested until you show interest in them. Don't be afraid of getting shit down either. YOu never know if you have a chance with someone until you talk to them.

  • How is your self esteem?


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  • Not sure, I'm in the same boat. I just determined that I have no game. I'm pretty sure girls would rather have me as a friend still.
    I just don't get how to convert a girl from a friend into a girlfriend.

  • if there is one thing i learned in life its that if you want something, you have to work to get it

    you can sit around waiting for girls to come to you and you may be sitting around waiting a very long time

    • if there's one thing I've learned in life its that some people are luckier than others.
      There is no god damn way most guys who have girlfriends had to work at it as much as guys like me and OP have tried to work at it and failed.

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    • @DarkHumorRUs they don't really try at all. And girls are attracted to guys that get girls. This feels like a fuckin caste social status system. If that's how getting a girlfriend is then I might as well just bust a nut instead. Don't got time for those high maintenance pretty girls.

    • Alright then

  • its because you are nice to them. Treat them like shit and ignore them. You will have girls swarm over you. Then you can f#$% them and go to town with them. Women are meant to be used anyway

    • Tbh I'm not even "nice" to them. I treat them like if they aren't special, unless they are my friend.