How come no girls show interest in me?

Like i'm doing fine by myself because i'm busy with university stuff and work , but sometimes i wonder why no girls show me any genuine interest? I'm a decent guy, but I don't know maybe its my looks or personality even tho my friends say im easy going. Its weird.


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  • it depends where your trying to meet people , at college it sort of depends who you know and how socially active you are , that will determine how many people your meeting. I'd try and make a goal of meeting 1-2 new girls a week and see if anyone interesting appears

  • Maybe how you dress? Maybe you intimidate them? They usually want the guy to make the first move so if you haven't then that might be why. I'm in the same boat so I know how you feel. The 1 or 2 girls that have show interest in me I've had no interest in lol.

    • I don't understand how I Intimidate them. I'm just a normal guy. lol I don't even know how i should make the first the move when i dont even know if they are interested in me either lol

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