He canceled our date... did I respond correctly?

A coworker and I had a first date 3wks ago I thought went well. He hugged me goodnight andasked that I text him when I got home. He said he had fun and should do it again some time. When I didn't hear from him for a week I texted to ask how his weekend went and he responded and asked if I was around the weekend coming up. I said I was free and he said "Great! I'll definitely be around too Ill let you know about Saturday I have to work I think." and I said "Great! Definitely let me know if you're free Saturday!"

Not much communication during the week he texted something once and liked one fb pic. Saturday arrives and I dont hear anything so 5pm I text:

Me: Hey! I wasn't really sure if we had plans today or not? I didn't know if you were busy with work but I figured I should at least get in touch with you and ask.
Him: Hii. I'm sorry, I meant to reach out.. I was sick as a dog last night, had to go to work this morning and now Im back in bed :(
*(Here I think If you knew you were sick since yesterday why didn't you text me and I had to text myself 5pm the day of to find out?)
Me: Okay, no problem
Him: Sorry! This thing came out of nowhere. Hows your weekend going so far
Me: Its okay, really. And its good so far I spent most of the day with my roommate
Him: Nice.. It's been so sh*tty out all weekend. So unmotivating haha
Me: Haha yeah pretty much. Anyway, I hope you feel better have a great rest of the weekend
Him: Thanks! You as well

I think I was a bit cold but I thought him not letting me know he was planning on canceling was a bit disrespectful and I perceived it as him blowing me off so I was trying to be polite but clearly not okay with it. I wouldn't have cared if he canceled if he had at least TOLD me/offered to reschedule but he didn't so I took it as disinterest but now Im wondering if I made it a bigger deal than it is? I haven't heard from him all week now. I like him, Im just disappointed at this and I feel embarassed I wasn't nicer about it. What do you think?
He canceled our date... did I respond correctly?
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