Art museum a good second date for college students?

I met this girl in my college class and we have been talking for a month already since I sit next to her in class. Last week we had a coffee date right after class since we have a Starbucks on our campus.

We have an art museum on our campus as well (it is a 15 minute walk since our campus is really big) which is free to all students. I don't know if this should have been the first date or not? I don't want her to think I am cheap though. Should I kiss her at the end of the date since this will be our second? Any other ideas for a second date? She likes movies but I don't think she is that comfortable around me yet where I can put my arm over her at the theater.


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  • honestly, I wouldn't take a girl to an art museum on a second date, save that for later. The problem is that when you go to a museum the best thing you can do is let her wonder around, basically give her space and not follow her. This is a problem because it means that you won't talk to her as much. You should do something more engaging like an activity to get touching going or go out for dinner then a nice walk and kiss her then.

    • Mini golf, bowling, hiking ice skating, those are some other suggestions. Hell if you think she's arty sign up for a wine and paint class

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  • I would say a coffee date is a predate and this will be the first real date. A museum is not a bad idea but doesn't give much room for romance maybe an aquarium something about florescent lights just sets the mood. As for the kiss it really depends on how the date goes and not what # date it is.

    • Yeah but there is no aquarium on our campus. The art museum is actually on our campus and free for students. I've heard first dates should be free or low cost right?

    • So I'm guessing you don't have a car and that makes things a little difficult for dating. Price wise all up to you keeping it low cost is a good idea if your not sure about the girl that's what I would do. I would say 25$ and under is a fair investment. Don't be to cheap though

  • Yes. That's a good date idea. She won't think you're cheap. She's think you're interesting. You can always grab a bite before or after. I would do it before because art on a full stomach sounds better.

    • I was going to ask her to go with me right after class since we have it together. She commutes and eats at home before coming to class though. Should I tell her to not eat then? I'm also not the best conversationalist so I think I'll run out of things to say the longer the date is...

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    • The thing is that Starbucks is right next the building we have class together. We basically walk past by it anyways when we get out of class. She parks in the parking garage which is between Starbucks and the Museum. I feel like she would say no to going back all the way then?

    • Oh well, my museum had a coffee shop built in it. I don't know. You'll figure it out!