Should Short guys give up on trying to get women?

i'm 19 and 5'6. I see in the media where guys are tall about 6 feet or higher and in real-life where it's the same story. I know girls want a dominant man and that usually equates to tall guys. Short guys on the other hand have it the worst because girls don't see short guys as dominant, sexy, etc. Whenever it comes to short guys they always ask "how tall are you?" and when girls hear it's below 5'10 or something they run away. Even girls who are 5'0 want a guy who is 6 feet and it's stupid. I know people just say things to short guys like "You're looking at the wrong girls", "You haven't met your dream girl yet", or "Wait for the right one to come" to make them feel better but in reality that's not the case and it's 100% not true because you girls on here will actually look the other way when you see short guys trying to get with you. There's even data and research saying short guys are more likely going to have a tough time getting dates because they want tall men i. e. anything above 5'8. So should short guys give up or at least me being 5'6? I really feel like I'll never get a girl in my life because of this.
Should Short guys give up on trying to get women?
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