Should short/ugly guys give up with women?

Im 19 and in college. I'm 5'5/5'6 last time I checked. I don't feel confident because I'm too short and feel as if I'm ugly. Let's face it guys who are like 6 feet have all the luck in dating and society while short guys are looked as little babies. Also I know athletes such as football players get a lot of attention from girls and even though I do workout it doesn't mean anything if i don't play a sport. I play piano and most attractive girls aren't fawned with that but I don't blame them. I love playing piano. I read a lot of articles online about short and ugly guys getting fucked over in dating and I even seen a video where getting height surgery improves their luck. Hey, if women love tall guys I guess I might as well go though getting height surgery! And yeah I know you're gonna tell me "Live your life and get your degree and everything will follow," well how do you know that? There many unforunate people out there and I'm one of them. I may not get a job, get a house, or get a loving wife! I'm a christian and I don't play mind games and hoping females could appreciate that but NOPE most of them want the tall, dark, and handsome guy or athletic guy. I'm also shy and have social anxiety which is also my problem. I have no confidence that I'll get married and have a family due to my height and ugliness. I want to get married at least by my mid to late 20s and maybe work in a well-known company such as Apple 'cause I'm majoring in business. I even thought about comitting suicide because of these disadvantages I have. Should I give up on women altogether? Because no girl is gonna go for an ugly 5'5/5'6 guy like me? Should I also get height surgery if that's what it takes to get attention from women?


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  • I've felt the way that you're feeling. I've always thought that I wasn't as pretty as most of my friends and a the guys would be interested in them and I'd be pushed to the side. But that's not true. Just because you haven't found someone yet doesn't mean you won't. You play piano! That's such an attractive trait in a guy! I know so many people who are more attracted to musical inclined guys than sporty guys, I'm one of them. Don't think that just because you don't meet the perfect stereotypes that society have made, doesn't mean you're not going to be happy living outside of them


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  • Didn't even read

    You should give up with women if you feel like you don't need women. Not because you are a manlet hahaha

    I am 5'8" and i simply don't go for women that are taller than me.


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