What's the point of a coffee date?

Why do you take a woman on a coffee date, for a first date? I don't see the point, maybe it has to do with culture, I do realize that not every one on this site is from America, but still I don't see why a coffee date is a good first date.

If you take someone on a coffee date, how long is that really going to last, maybe 20 min, and plus you don't want to drink too many cups of coffee, because well coffee can act like a natural laxative at times, and I really don't see the fun in trying to not sh*t your pants in front of the woman of your dreams.

They way I see it is, a coffee date just like a lunch date means friends not potential relationship. You don't get dressed up, it happens during the day, It's more along the lines of a hi, bye type of situation, nice to meet you and we will probably never see each other again. Plus your friends are going to ask how the date went and what is your response, we had fun, we drank coffee, talked. Talk about a boring date, well maybe not, maybe the coffee was really good.

So who here has actually gone on a coffee date with a chick, they just met and actually had fun, and continued to date that same person?

How many have gone on a coffee date and haven't been on another date with the same person, and how many people think it is actually a good first date? Everyone feel free to answer.
What's the point of a coffee date?
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