A tinder match shows up as a blank profile now. What does this mean?

Met someone from tinder irl and we hit it off. Been texting with him on viber ever since and I haven't been on tinder since then as well.

Today I just went in there and checked his profile.
I don't see anything except for his pictures.
No age. No location. No nothing.

What does this mean?
Did he delete his profile?
Is this a tinder plus feature?


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What Guys Said 1

  • 1. The profile no longer exists. i. e. Has been personally deleted or soft banned by Tinder.
    2. You've been blocked by the user.
    3. The facebook profile associated with the Tinder account is either deactivated or locked out.

    • Thanks :)

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    • I too have two womenfolk with just their pictures in my matches, since quite some time now annnd they most definitely have me blocked. (And no it's not because i might've sent them objectionable pictures!)

    • I see.. well thanks for the helpful answers : )

What Girls Said 1

  • I imagine he deleted it.


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