What does a first kiss feel like emotionally?

It is obvious that I never experience one, but I did had several dreams of who I would have my first kiss with, it was my best guy friend. But it will never happen. But I sense it might happen on the last day when I saw him, next month, before we go our separate ways and we might never see each other again. But it is just a sense it does not mean it going to happen. Besides he would never want to do it.

But enough about me, I want to know what does a real kiss feels like when it came emotionally?


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  • I would suppose the actual emotions of the kiss would differ from couple to couple (obviously), but also depending on the actual feelings you have for one another. A relationship purely for sex (like Friends With Benefits) would have less emotions involved than one where you actually like each other. Personally, I have found that when emotions are involved, the relationship and any kisses given therein are MUCH better. So full of passion,

    this is kind of from a guy's point of view, but the emotions are similar. If it's someone you like, you've probably liked them for a while and been thrilled when you started to notice them doing things to show that they ight like you too. You go on a date, maybe two, then you finally get some time alone together somewhere. It might be a little awkward, as you're both still a little unsure of how each of you feel about the other; Then, you make a move. There's a microsecond that probably flashed by in reality, but looking back it seems like it took forever as you moved closer to her face.

    And when she doesn't duck away, but turns into your kiss and accepts you and your advance it's the sweetest thing ever to happen, like suddenly all is right in the world and what you are doing is so natural and right. All trepidation falls away as you both quickly realize just how much the other felt about you, that all that fear and worry was groundless. All those feelings and desires you've been holding back now have free rein and it's like a soft bed and rest after you've been awake for three days straight going over mindless accounting reports. You feel the heat, the passion, the joy of being so close, the love, but it's not just that; You can feel the same feelings blasting out from the other person, you know they feel the same joy and release you do and that knowing and sharing is like ecstasy.

    That's what my first kiss was like.

    • Your first kiss was sooooooooooooooooooooooo longggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it sound emotionless to me

    • It saddens me that I could not express my feelings through writing for you to feel it too.

      Being with her is always a maelstrom of happiness for me.

      Perhaps, love is different for everyone? Maybe you can only know how it feels when you feel it?

      Or perhaps I merely fool myself into thinking I feel anything at all...

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