Can you describe what a first kiss should be like?

I'm 23 and never kissed a girl, and I'm getting freaked out about it. I don't want to look really weird and ruin what could be a really special moment, so I'm honestly interested in what a first kiss should be like. Doesn't have to be graphic but I just want to know how to kiss a girl I like for the first time. Is it a quick peck right on the lips, or do I hold it there? If so how long? ... Sorry to sound dumb but you guys get it, I really have no idea what I'm doing. ha ha

Its really important to me that I be a good kisser, I really want to make sure the girl has fun too...anything you can say might help.

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Again hate to sound lame, but I see sometimes in movies how they'll kiss, then stop for a little, maybe look in each others eyes, and then maybe a few more kisses each a few seconds (is it just holding your lips against theirs for a while or am I supposed to do something) Is that what really happens? Also, on the first kiss, do I use my tongue? If so how, what goes on in between our mouths?
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with a first kiss, should it be just a one time thing and then move on and keep hanging out, or once I do give her a kiss, is it gonna last a while. is it acceptable to just kiss her and keep hanging out. I've never been intimate with anyone so I'm really interested in what your first kiss was like. If you could describe in detail how it happened that would be great
Can you describe what a first kiss should be like?
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