Should I sext and flirt back?

By sext I mean having sex through text. So I'm texting a few guys who are interested some I've known for a year some a few weeks or days. I don't have any intentions other than to talk/hangout to be honest but some I do find attractive and would date if it went there when I'm ready. A few have flirted with me and have wanted to "cuddle" or sext and a part of me wants to but another part doesn't. I have a big sexual appetite so I want to indeed but I view sex a certain way and don't sleep around or just sext anybody so I'm having a bit of trouble with if I should or not.

I am fully single however I don't want to just do this or flirt back with these guys knowing I'm not exactly looking for a relationship right now as well as if I were to want one with them I don't want them to think of me as a slut or anything. I'd personally be comfortable with doing it if I was closer to some of them but I don't want to do that knowing I'm not really looking to date. Don't want to lead anyone on or waste their time. So should I just do it or not?
Do it but only if you're comfortable, no harm will be done
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Don't do it if you want nothing more than just talking or a friend
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Don't do it, it could make you look bad if you want to date later
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Should I sext and flirt back?
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