Can girls kiss a guy they don't like?

Like say a girl likes a particular guy but she kisses some other guy and claims she doesn't like him, would you see this as believable from a girl? Basically, does a girl have to like a guy to kiss him?


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  • I've definetely kissed someone I'm not attracted to. Its really wierd, and I just felt so empty and like I was acting, but at least he was happy. we were/are FWB. so that's why... I wasn't like leading him on or something haha.

    but then I started getting attached to him, so we cut it off for now

    • Ahh yeah I know what you mean, we're both single and that so I obviously want her to have some fun. But I see where you're coming from, if I was at some party and some girl came onto me I'd probably go with it but I'd know my true feelings would be with this other girl

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  • Yeah, girls can kiss guys that they don't actually have feelings for.. especially when alcohol is involved. But I suppose that every situation is different!

    • Yeah I see what you mean, made me feel easier about things. Problem with me is I let emotions get the better of me and I think wayyy too much!

    • Haha yes, thinking too much about these things can definitely be annoying! I know!

    • I feel it's affecting the way she's going to see me.. I was walking back home at 10pm tonight and I saw some dark haired girl kissing some guy in our area on the street (me and this girl live in same area) and I could only see the back of her, she had similar height, similar hair length yet I automatically assumed it might be her. Her facebook status half an hour later was that she was drunk and going home, wish there was some way of keeping my mind of this :|

  • a girl can kiss whomever she lies, she doesn't have to like him


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  • Been there, had that. The answer is definately NO!

    Girls do it all the time when out drinking, guys go out to score, girls go out to tease.

    • Okay, so if I put it in a scenario like I like a girl and she likes me but she's kissed someone in the past month, would this girl have any affection or feelings for that guy or can it just be for fun?

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    • Spitful - revenge or unhappiness and rejection.

    • Ohh, so a drunken kiss could have been influenced by her feeling upset because of what's happened between me and her? I know me and this girl aren't together so it doesn't entirely bother me if she kisses someone when drunk, but if it would mean something then that's when I'd be worried aha.. I've noticed since we've been a bit off with each other I've started flirting with a lot of other girls to be spiteful as well.