Do guys kiss girls they aren't attracted to?

I have a friend that is fairly attractive and smells AMAZING. We're generally semi-flirty, and over the weekend we played beer pong with friends. He kissed me good and long TWICE that night, so was it because he was drunk or what? I have a rule, I don't kiss people I'm not attracted to. even if intoxicated. Saves the drama.

I need some input!

Well, I've been hanging out more with my friend, and he recently started texting me more often... out of the blue. I like him, but I've learned to never make the first move- I had a bad experience in the past. So wait I shall...


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  • I would never kiss someone I'm not attracted to, especially not twice.

    Kisses don't lie either.

    SO I would say, that there is more than a good chance that he's thought about doing that before it actually happened. & I do think he finds you attractive.

    Guys don't make friend based on looks, but I would tell you this: I don't think any of my female friends are unattractive.

    You should worry that he doesn't want to mess up the friendship, if anything.

    It also sounds as if you liked it. So I say make a joke about it, and notice his reaction.

    You'll know if he wants to try it again.

    Go Luck Pretty Girl


    A Loving Black Man

    • Such wise advice! Thanks for being thorough. Yeah, that kiss was pretty amazing. I'll have to see what happens next time we all hang out :) Thanks again


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  • Id say he was more on the drunk side. I know most guys probably wouldn't kiss a girl they aren't attracted to, and alcohol can make us do weird stuff (ive never had it and never will) but I know plenty of guys that get drunk. Imo, he was just drunk. But who knows, maybe he wasn't drunk, I could always be wrong!

  • Drama? How so? I admit you do seem well cultured, but don't be naive about attraction. Obviously only you know what your attracted, but to be honest I've found myself becoming attractive to someone after realizing how amazing they were. Beyond just the simple physical attraction.

    In my opinion your only limiting your potential suitors to a lousy rule preference.

    • I think you may be misunderstanding what I meant to get across- I have never kissed someone I wasn't attracted to (even drunk). I was just wondering if guys follow the same rule. HOWEVER, I have kissed many different types of guys- so I don't have a particular preference. Does that clarify anything?

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  • I think they do. I used to make out with this guy. We'd do it for four hours straight. but when we saw each other naked, his penis was never erect.

    • You have no control over what you do when your drunk. Absolutely none... My friend dated a guy for 2 years without having sex with him, then she got drunk at a bar and had sex with a random guy in a wal-mart parking lot and got pregnant. You are lying to yourself.

    • I wholeheartedly disagree. Perhaps I've never been "drunk enough"... I've made plenty of foolish decisions (sleeping with someone that I shouldn't have), but as I've said before, I've never kissed a guy that I didn't want to. Even when drunk. Perhaps it's something your friend should work on.

      I'm very honest with myself and have a good grasp of my true motives. I think many females our age lack that.