Do girls lie about their feelings? if so, why?

Let me start with saying this: I don't go after women generally. I see it as a waste of time. It doesn't matter how beautiful a woman is, if I look within her and what I see I don't like, I will move on. and when women realize this they usually cut off the friendship.but once in a long while.

I will meet a girl who is just indescribable. Lately I have. I'm not going to go over the seemingly heaven-sent way we met.but I'll just say the moment I saw her, I thought to myself I got to get to know that girl. What would it be like to be with her? And.somehow we get acquainted and had been good friends ever since.

Well anyway, she says she didn't know that I liked her, and that when I tried to make a move, she didn't expect it (probably because I had been unsure if I wanted her as a friend or lover). She is precious to me and I didn't want her to end up like other girls who usually start giving me the cold shoulder if they don't think I like them or end up flipping out one day and things aren't ever the same again.

So anyway, the night I tried to kiss her cause I felt that if I didn't establish anything, I asked her, "I want to know how you feel about me". She smiled with a blush, said it was so sudden, hadnt been getting those vibes from me, and asked if we could talk about this later (it was late, and I just dropped her off at her house).

So we have a talk a few days later about a relationship, says she has trust issues with guys because the two boyfriends she had cheated on her, one within the first week of dating. I told her how I noticed she was sort of coming on to me and didn't want her to feel horrible if she was and I wasn't showing any signs (which I wasn't). She just kind of shook her head. She then talked about how she is a virgin and wanted to wait for marriage (prolly why they cheated on her).

She said she isn't read for a relationship any time soon, due to her feelings of betrayal and probably not moving on, and if she were to enter a relationship it would be with the prospect of growing into something more (marriage). And so we decided to keep things the way they were.

When I'm with her, it always seems like she is attracted to me. Sometimes I catch her looking at me affectionately through the corner of my eye, other people have testified to this also. When we are together or walking together, people almost always think we're a couple. We both play guitar and piano. A lot of the time we sit together and take turns with the guitar. When we were at my friend's house, I decided to play a little something (fantasie impromptu by Chopin). When I started playing, she put her hand up to her heart/neck. I have quite a good periferal vision due to practicing martial arts in the past and various sports. So I ask you, what is going on? I am sure she has some attraction for me. Does she feel that if she shows me that she does that I will lose my attraction for HER? I am very hesitant to use the L-word with her, because it doesn't work.
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She also said she was planning on getting a tattoo that would say "true love waits" and the reasons are as explained above
Do girls lie about their feelings? if so, why?
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