How many of girls say what they really mean? Why do girls lie?

I don't mean to be cynical or anything, but I find generally girls are full of sh*t (not physically, we all have a bit of those). I was reading a bunch of threads for advice for things, and I'm not sure if it's just me, but I have a feeling a lot of things girls say are lies, or maybe just BS.

Almost all girls say they want a good guy, but when push comes to shove, they almost always choose the bad guys. I mean, good guys are actually everywhere. We're just not usually as attractive as the jerks, so girls don't really notice us. If they truly wanted good guys, they can just pick one off the streets, but we're usually unattractive, so no matter how good of a person we are, we'll usually never get picked. That leads me to the next topic: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I've heard that phrase so many times: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That's something people just say to cheer up unattractive people. There's a general standard for what people find attractive. Sure, some guys that you find attractive others might not. And sure, there are some really really popular attractive guys whom you don't think are actually attractive. But there are some of us who are ACTUALLY UNATTRACTIVE, as oppose to plain looking.

Now, girls would usually say "that's not important; all you need is a good personality". Unfortunately, speed of light is much faster than speed of sound. That means that you'll see someone before you hear them. Impressions are made when you first see someone, and when you first see someone unattractive, you know nothing about them, except that they're unattractive. Sure, girls might say "well I don't judge them, because I only care about their personality". Yet, girls really don't. Maybe a guy can get more attractive over time as you get to know him more, but by that time comes, some jerk would've already came in and swept the girl away. That will actually make a full circle back to why girls date jerks.

Now, after girls read this, there are a couple of possible reactions:

-insult me and say "maybe it's just with your personality that YOU can't get a girl", though that doesn't answer the questions, and considering how you think I'm a jerk, I'd probably get one real quick xD

-say that girls actually mean those things that they say

-use examples of unattractive people who get girls, though it's the extremely rare cases of unattractive people without status or money getting attractive people, being so rare that it wouldn't matter to most of us

-and the last case which I've love, though probably not happen: tell the truth

Final note: I'm not saying this because I just got out of a long break up, or because I can't get laid. I'm sure many other guys have thought of this before, I'm just being vocal about it.
How many of girls say what they really mean? Why do girls lie?
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