Why do you think my boyfriend keeps kissing me while I am talking?

he might ask me a question. Then as I am in the middle of the answer he will start kissing me. Or I will be telling him about something and he will start.

I love his kisses.

the thing that worries me is I am a talker and he is kind of quiet. He says he loves to listen to me, but I wonder if sometimes he is kissing me to shut me up or if the urge just hits him to kiss me.

I always stop talking when he starts kissing. Sometimes he will say. "Go on with your story". How can I go on talking while he is kissing ? LOL


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  • Stop being so paranoid ;) He might be looking at your lips or maybe you get really into your story and move your hands or I don't know and he gets turned on by listening to you and seeing you.. Does he kiss your neck or your lips? it's possible to talk? Try talking but go with the flow if he's turning you on by kissing lol.. I would love that but I doubt he wants you to shut up if he says "go on with your story" but he could be doing it to shut you up.. you need to analyze him or give us more infoo lol it's kinda hard from this little bit of information you've provided. But I doubt it. I don't know him, you do.

    • Sometimes lips. Sometimes neck. I do talk with my hands ect. And tend to really get into my story. I didn't think of that before. Now I'm wondering if he just wants to see how destracted he can make me. LOL

    • Yeah next time.. add some stupid things in your story like for example if you're talking about something you did when you were 11 add in there "and then the ducks were chasing the aliens and the flying cow came over and asked me if I wanted to go to walmart, so we did and the ducks started dancing" you know something random and see if he's listening or trying to get you to get into a story so it turns him LOL

    • LOL. I've actually done that . Then I get the eye roll. But kissing continues. He persistent I have to give him credit for that. LOL

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  • Thats a strange behavior for someone of the age 30 +- .

    But I guess all of us have our own strange behavior, that's his.

    If you enjoy it, let it be.

    • Ok. I do enjoy his kisses. Just wondering how guys minds work on some things. Thanks

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  • Look - when all the sex goes out of the relationship you'll have plenty of time to talk!

    Enjoy it while it lasts ;-)

    • I'm sure you are right. I tend to be a person that worries and this s my first relationship, so am figuring things out as we go. We have known each other for years, but have been a couple for only 9 months. Thanks

  • That's disgraceful bevahiour ;-P

    I wouldn't put up with that


    • Very funny. Don't get me wrong - I love kissing. Just don't want him to be tired of listening to me - that could be a problem.

  • maybe the sound of your voice turns him on? :p

    • If it turns him on, that's fine. That is very sweet if so. I just don't want to think he is trying to shut me up.