Which Dating Anniversaries are the Important Ones to Celebrate?

I've always wondered.

I figure every year that goes by since you started dating would be an important one to celebrate, but are there any others?

For example, is the first month anniversary important?

I realize this is kind of lame as I write this, but just wanna make sure I'm not overlooking any important ones.



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  • I think every 6 months is important


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  • To a girl, monthly anniversaries can be important. It depends on whether she's into that oer not.

    To a guy, I don't think guys really care, however my boyfriend and I care.

    -Also we try to beat each other by saying 'happy ... anniversary' first.

    It's just a little thing we do ;)

    Our 1 year anniversary is coming up next month, we're both very excited about it :)

    Overall, I don't know if they're necessarily important, but its kinda of sweet when the guy remembers the anniversary ;)

  • just the years... anything more than that is rediculouse.. it'd be like if you were born on the 13th of november you celebrating every 13th through out the year..


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  • "Anniversary" is something that only occurs yearly, having an "anniversary" by months is an oxymoron.

    Nothing is by default important. You should do years just because that's how it is, and otherwise anything else frankly means nothing. Strength/ importance of a relationship isn't judged by numbers, I guess.