Guys, He stopped watching my instagram stories. What does that mean?

So, I saw this really good looking man in court. And kept smiling at him and giving him that seductive look. He kept looking at me too. As if he liked what he was seeing lol. I had to get his name but didn’t know how to approach him. He was wearing a military uniform so I remembered his last name and immediately found him on Instagram. After a few days I added him and told him I took down his last name and found him on Ig. Told him that I was creeping but that I found him attractive. He didn’t find it weird at all. We talked everyday for a month after that. He then all of the sudden he DMs me & told me that he didn’t want a relationship and just wanted me to sleep over. Meaning, he only wanted to have sex w/me. I was heart broken. But still went to see him. It was the best sex ever! I didn’t sleep over tho. Even after we had sex he would watch my stories on ig, religiously. He would also reply to my DMs instantly or within a few mins. Saw him a 2nd time, I cleaned his room. Folded like thousands of his clothes & then went home really late. I was exhausted! He didn’t even text me the next day to see if I got home okay. Didn’t even say thank you for cleaning his room! The next day, after WE HAD SEX. I see his Ig story, he was eating breakfast with some other girl! I clicked on her Ig name and to my surprise she was beautiful. I thought for a sec that it was his sister but then figured it wasn’t her. I was so upset. He didn’t reply to my dm until the next day. Then I asked why he stopped DMing me and he said we were still cool. That if I called he would still pick up. But if we “are still cool” then why did he stop replying to me? And why did he stop watching my Ig stories? I like him and I want to be with him. I’m too old to be playing games. He’s messing with the other girl too. What can I do? I want him!


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  • Uh, well. He used you for sex.. just like he said he was going to. Hardly a case for Scotland Yard..

    • I used him for sex too. That’s why I had sex with him. But now I want him. He’s also 1 hour from me 😩

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  • It means he got a life and got off Instagram.

    • Lol you’re funny. Perhaps...

    • Straight men!

  • a guy with an instagram? run girl... he is gay

    • Let’s lots of men with instagrams tho lol

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    • Yes, I’ve tried talking to him. And he seems to like my personality. He also loves when I caress his hair. Apparently no one has touched him like that in like 3 years! We used to talk none stop. But I guess he’s with someone else.

    • then move on? and stop instagram...

  • well shoot go after him

  • That you're ugly?

  • He said he wanted sex but nothing more. Simple


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