Sex talk and pillow talk?

Ok so my fuck buddy has said to me that I’m his while having sex on two separate occasions, I know that guys talk a lot of stuff while having sex but I didn’t see that one coming, then the last time we were together after the first round we just laid there on his bed talking about random stuff, work, what he likes and what I like etc etc, sometimes cuddling, rubbing legs together, shoulders and laughing, then he started caressing my hair for like 30 seconds then he put his arm around me. That seems strange considering we don’t talk other than to arrange a meeting, he’s very reserved and honestly doesn’t show affection. It is also the second time he chats with me more before doing the deed, does that mean he’s getting comfortable and is starting to see me as a friends with benefits gal rather than just a fuck buddy?
Sex talk and pillow talk?
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