Would you date someone the same height as you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah. Not shorter though.
    And to all the bitch ass men who get salty and sit on their ass all day because they’re short and blame women for it... get over it fellas

    • How tall are you

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    • Okay dude. 😂

    • I’ll continue dating men of my preference. Thanks for the fun

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes I would date a girl of the same height. It's difficult to find a girl who's that tall in my country, though.

    • How tall are you

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    • How tall do you like your girls

    • I used not to have a height preference or "requirements" if you like. But, 3 years ago I've started to develop a strong preference for tall girls (by tall I mean 170cm +). I can still find a short or even a super short girl attractive, but I am reluctant as to dating her.

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