Do you think it’s shallow that I won’t date guys under 6 ft since I’m 5’11?

Personally I understand that some guys don’t mind their girlfriend being taller then them but to me it’s just strange. I’ve tried it too multiple times actually! I just always feel so much bigger and like the man in the relationship, I just don’t feel feminine at all and I just feel like a big giant lol. I don’t care as much about if people are judging us or whatever it’s more just I feel weird. like I have to bend down to kiss my man. If he’s just a little shorter like 5’10 or something I guess that’s not as weird but it’s like they are still shorter so it’s just.. Idk? It’s not as attractive to me I guess? I like big guys and I know that’s rare to find but that’s just what I like. Maybe if I was shorter i wouldn’t feel the same. If I was 5’5 or 5’6 I would easily take a shorter guy who was like 5’7 or 5’8 I would never say I need a man who’s 6 ft lmaooo that’s soooo much taller. I honestly get excited when I guy is 6’1 and the previous guy I dated was 6’5 and that was a bigggggggggg win for me!! I loved it and felt really comfortable w him. I don’t know though I just feel like it seems shallow when I ask guys on tinder and stuff for their height and all. I guess I wanna be able to wear heels with my man and if he’s a good amount taller it won’t be an issue ya know? You can call me shallow if you want but I just wanna know why exactly it is.
Do you think it’s shallow that I won’t date guys under 6 ft since I’m 5’11?
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