Why do Asian women prefer White men?

As an Asian woman, I've observed that a lot of Asian women prefer white men over Asian men. Why is this? Asian men are hot too, and I know plenty are masculine.


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  • they want to mix out their race because they hate being so ethnic looking. The girls in the video have very hard features so they want the whiteness to soften up their children

    • That's true. But Japanese and Korean women who tend to have more Western features generally have no issues dating their own race. The ones with harsher features are all crazy about having cute half white babies.

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    • Yeah but if someone's insecure then there's no amount of ass kissing you can do to convince them that they're beautiful. All they seek is an escape from the pain of not being apart of contemporary beauty. I'm sure that I find lots of other women attractive but I focus on black women because it just feels like the right thing. I could always be wrong.


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  • I have heard several reasons. In no particular order:

    They want to have beautiful babies (common)
    They hate the lazy men of their country, and to be the one expected to be the primary provider for the family (Philippines)
    They hate the chauvinism their men show toward their women (Japan, Korea)
    They want a man with a bigger penis (Indonesia)
    They hate the double standard men have (Indonesian-Chinese)
    They hate the tendency their men have to drink too much and lose their tempers (Korea)

    • But Asian men are not limited to these traits. When you are marginalizing Asian men for these traits and think that the greener side consists of white men, that is racism. Because I've seen plenty of lazy white men who still rely and live with their parents, who don't provide for their family, are sexist, small dicks and double standards. White men also get drunk very often.

    • First of all, I am only repeating what Asian women have said.

      No, these traits are not limited to Asian men, but they are common within the respective cultures.

      My opinion is that my personal observations do not contradict these general claims.

  • Happen to a lot of races have u seen how white males on here conplain about how they can't get a white women or how a lot of black women conplain they can't get a white guy and don't want a black guy just the way of the world

  • They don’t it’s just there is billions of them so they want to try something different.

    • Yes :) some people think all do. It not true.

    • Then why don't they give black, Indian and Mexican men a chance as well?

      There are billions of Asian women too. Asian women are much more abundant than women of other race. So since there are so many of them, won't white men prefer white women or women of other race because it is something different?

    • How should I know why don’t you ask Asian women. White men like other ethnicities like everybody else.

  • White guys are cool.😎

    • Nah. I prefer Asian men. Mine is a hot, strong and masculine Asian US Marine!

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    • The concept is flawed. Ice cream is not equal to race. Ice cream does not have an identity. Ice cream does not have feelings. Ice cream does not go through scrutiny to the extend coloured men do.

      Anyways, Asian men and White men are just as cool as any other race. But nothing will change the fact that my Asian Marine is stronger, more attractive, awesome and more masculine than you ever will be.

    • Lol ok 😘

  • Do they? Since wen? Lol

    • Most American and Australian Asian women only date white men.

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    • *attractive Asian men

    • Wow lol

  • Do they?

    • Seems like most Asian American guys are single.
      And most Asian American girls are dating exclusively white men.

  • I would love to meet one then 😁😘


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  • Where do you live? My Asian friends all prefer Asian men but the problem is they want the good looking, wealthy and high status Asian men. This type of Asian men are picky. When they can't get any, that's when they go for White guys. The rest are probably just preference.

    • your friends probably want the rich guys, lol
      why can't they date a normal good looking Asian man?

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    • @Decentguy Yeah. So the Asian women set a high bar for Asian men but a low bar for White men?

    • Three words:

      Sarong party girls.

  • I've barely met any East Asian guys that are around my height, so that's why I usually date guys outside of my race.

    • What if you found an Asian guy who is 6'4? A lot of the taller Asian men are in the military.

    • I'd give the guy a chance if I found him attractive in the other area's as well

  • Different Flavour

    • Problem is, they won't date their own race and exclusively date white men. I rarely see Asian girls giving Asian guys a chance.

    • Well If That's What They Want, So Be It.

  • First of all it's not about race, it's about culture. So this applies to women from Asian countries and men from the west.

    The short answer is most Asian countries (such as my home Japan) are still incredibly traditional and conservative. It's hard here for women to work and have a family and not just because the hours are crazy, also because employers don't want mothers (remember the scandal about women medical scores being faked a few weeks ago?) So the expectation is still very much that young women give up their job, marry and then be obedient wives who care for their husbands and children.
    It's just that many women are not up for that anymore. And marrying someone from culture that does not enforce that to that extend is an easy way out

    • Yes, but what about Americanized Asian men? It becomes a problem when Americanized Asian men don't even have a chance with women. And even though you are born in a Western country, it still doesn't change your ethnicity. Your ethnicity is a part of you that will never change and make up who you are. So why not embrace it with someone who shares the same values as you?

    • By Americanized Asian men you mean Americans?

      Like I said it's not about ethnicity more about nationality

    • Yes. American Asian men. Thing is, most Asian Ameeican girls I know won't even give Asian American men a chance.

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