After hooking up, what if a girl doesn't text me back?

I hooked up(made out) with this girl last weekend and I got her number. I texted her and she replied a couple of times, but when I said Last weekend was pretty fun, we should do it again I got no reply. Does this mean that she is now not interested even though her friend told me last weekend he was interested in me. What does this mean? P.S. No one was drunk, and we also cuddled for a while and talked for about 2 hrs before hooking up and has a lot in common.


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  • Dont listen to her friend. I mean ususally friends of girls know what is going on with their friends, but not always. And in this case I wouldn't take her friends word for it. If you've made effort to talk to her and she hasn't, I would say that she isn't interested. Look most girls, (I don't want to speak for all) but most, if they like you, they'll text/call you back asap. I know that when I like a guy, I wait for him to make the first move, but once he does I text back immediatly or as soon after is possible without seeming creepy because I'm excited about him. So if I had to take a guess I would say that she isn't interested. However, I wouldn't stop trying just yet. It has only been a week, and she could be swamped with work or something. Try for a couple more days, and if she still doesn't respond, then move on. If she wants you she'll try to get back to you soon. And worst case scenario, when you move on, she calls you back and you're already over it. Oh well. She'll get over it and you will too and will find someone somewhere else. :)

    • Well first she was replying in the same minute, but then when I said the having fun last weekend she stopped. And her texts were enthusiastic and exclamitory but idk. like "HEY!"

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    • O OK thanks! Its my friends girlfriends friend so ill be going over there a couple of times. And I can work some of that out then. Thanks though!

    • No problem. Good luck :)

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