Kiss on cheek on third date?

I apologize for this question but I just need opinions on what, from a guy perspective, this means. I went on the first date with this guy a little over a week ago. We've been texting 24/7 since then, and today we went on our third date. He knows I am a very old-fashion dater (as is he) so honestly, chances are this means nothing, but tonight on our date I thought logically--after the third time, even if in such a small amount of time--it'd be the time for our first kiss. I went over to his apartment to watch a movie with him, and the amount of privacy was minimal seeing as his roommate was unexpectedly home. At the end of the night (after a 6 hour hangout), in a town car, he had told me he had plans for the night so we got in the car, he kissed me pretty hard on the cheek with a strong hug and then paid for the driver to take me back to my apt from there. Honestly, I've never been kissed on the cheek. Was that a "I want to be friends" or just a "I want to take it slow" kiss do you think?


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  • It means you didn't hint you wanted a kiss. It was a "She isn't helping but I want to kiss her and move this relationship forward kiss." I don't know the full story but I wouldn't kiss a girl that I just wanted to be friends with... on the lips or the cheek. When your alone try to stay close to him so the distance is minimal. The closer you are the better chance he will kiss you. I think a kiss on the cheek is better than a hug so maybe next time with some hints and cues he will initiate a kiss on the lips.

    If he kisses you on the cheek again than say "I think you missed my lips". In a playful manner. Once you say this move closer to him to give him a bigger hint.


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  • Nah I think he's just nervous as all hell lol. Especially if he went a hug and kiss on the cheek.

    Most boys are pretty chicken these days... well I find this anyway...

    • Yeah, I think that's because most guys are worried that girls will mace them/knee them/get them for harrassment charges if they make a mistake and move too fast.

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    • well, I just think that he just wants to take things slowly!

    • well said GoldGriffin (oh wow I am so late on this.. sry )

  • This exact thing happened to me and I know the guy wanted to kiss me properly... I just give off all the wrong signs lol