I pushed him away and he ghosted me. Do I just move on?

Long story short I had this amazing connection with a guy I was dating. I pushed him away more than once because I liked him and was afraid to get hurt. He forgave me quickly when I tried to end things the first time and forgave me when I cancelled plans a few times (again, I only did it because I was scared). I know I messed up and I feel awful. It’s been a little over a week now and he’s ignoring me. The morning of the day he started to ignore me he kept saying he was confused because he got close and is afraid to get close again so I asked him if he just wanted me to go away and he said no. I asked if he just wanted to move on, be friends or try to hang out again and see how we feel and he chose to hang out. I suggested we talk on the phone and he agreed but didn’t answer when I called and has disappeared after he said he thinks he’s up for hanging out again. He’s called me flighty (fine, deserved) and he’s been curt with me so why not just end things? It’s not like he was afraid to hurt my feelings. Why put in the energy of explaining your feelings? He said part of him wants to talk but part of him is afraid how many more times I could push him away. I’ve learned a big lesson here but now I regret what I’ve done. Any suggestions? Do I just need to forget about it and move on? I’ve apologized and explained to him why I did it. He seemed to be hesitant which I understand but now he’s just flat out ignoring me. Thanks in advance!
I pushed him away and he ghosted me. Do I just move on?
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