Should I move on after he has ghosted me twice?

We were planning on meeting each other ( we are from two different states) in the fall. We chatted for about a month and he was also willing to call me and we talked a lot and enjoyed it.

He was getting so interested in me and I could tell it but he suddenly stopped responding to my messages. He came back after a week or so and told me he was falling for me and is afraid that we might not see a factor that prevents "us" from happening. He said he wanted to distance himself and wait for me to go to his state (I'm moving there to live) then hw said please don't take distance as disinterest and said this is his defense mechanism until having a relationship with me isn't an intent but a reality. Then he kept messaging me like before and he was getting very very interested in me (I did too!).

Then he suddenly stopped messaging me or responding to my message. He used to send my good night and good morning texts every single day. He responded to my messages so fast and never made me wait (and would tell if he wasn't able to respond due to work or something if it ever happened).

Now he has even uninstalled the app we used to chat on (he hasn't been onliñe and my messages don't deliver).

I'm still interested in him, but I'm wondering why he disappeared again while he seems so interested? Didn't he like talking to me? I miss him but have no other way of contacting him. Should I try to move on?
Should I move on after he has ghosted me twice?
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