My ex is ghosting me. Should I just give him time?

I was with my ex for a few years and we were extremely close, he’s my best friend, and all of a sudden he’s changed. He sat me down over a week ago to say he wasn’t happy and gave me a long list of reasons, some irrational, some very true and I apologised, but he was extremely angry. He felt I didn’t support him throughout his college year even though I really did, but during the last 2 weeks I did become needy which i feel stupid over. Whats freaking me out is he was telling me how much he loved me the day before things ended and that he’s had the best few years with me, and he planned ahead a future with us. All he’d talk about is a future with me in it. I got up before we could even confirm the break up because he was so angry, and I said I deserved better and left.

He told me he was numb and stressed with college, and when college finished I got a missed call off him. I went out the same night and had fun with my friends for my sisters birthday (which he knows), and my friend had a video up of me and this guy singing, but my friend was in it too. My ex reacted by deleting the most recent photos of us off Instagram, but kept the older ones. I texted him the next day asking him what’s up, and he’s now ghosting me. I’m really freaked out because this behaviour is really unlike him. He has muted me on every platform. He’s treating me as though I’ve cheated on him or something drastic.

Should I just give him time? I’m freaking out that I’ve pushed him away and he’s trying to move on, when the reality is I don’t want that. I want to fix things but I don’t want to press his buttons if he’s angry at me.
My ex is ghosting me. Should I just give him time?
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