Girls, how do you reply to texts from guys?

I've always generally felt that if I'm texting or calling a girl and she gets back to me that she's still somewhat interested.

Conversely if she stops replying or answering calls she's either busy or no longer interested.

Would you say this is true? How do you reply to texts from guys you are really interested in? somewhat interested in? not interested in?


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  • Dude. Texting is the easiest modern day tool to get women. Think about it. You meet a girl, get her number, then say you will get up with her soon.

    You text her in, lets say, 2 days. Just saying what's up and if anything interesting or new or exciting has happened.

    The next day (day 3) you initiate the conversation again. Send a short text, just asking what's up.

    Day 4 and 5 are the easiest days to tell if a girl is remotely interested. If she is, she will initiate the conversation on day 4 or day 5. This means that you do not text her first on day 4 or day 5. If she texts you, you are pretty much golden.

    Day 6,7,8 she will initiate the conversation. And make sure she does. You do not wan to be initiating the convo, because you need to play hard to get.

    Day 9, girl will get pissed/ bored that you are not taking the initiative. She will not text you first this day, unless she is super easy, so what do you do? Text her. She will be like omg lol rofl or whatever girls think when guys "like" them. From here it is a breeze.

    Note: If you hang out with her or see her face to face during this timeline, shift it back a few days. The premise is still the same though.

    Remember to play hard to get. Don't answer her text right away. Wait 20 min. This pisses girls off. They are thinking "what is he doing? why hasn't he answered me? This guy is an asshole." Then you text her after that 20 min and she is delighted. Vary the time between 5 and 30 min.

    If any girl detests my theory, they are lying and I would love to point out times in there life where they fell victim to this. It is a great strategy my man. You can get literally any girl you want.

    • Hate to admit it, but its true. How do you know this? :)

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    • This is unreliable IMO.. Not all girls are the same. You can't predict when they will initiate texting first, when you're breaking it down to days. Some girls are shy, and others expect the guy to initiate almost all the time.

    • I don't know how long ago this post was but if you're still around I am curious from your POV, your theory does make sense, the guy I am interested in made the first moves and messaged me the first two days to initiate. Since then it has prob been more me than him to initiate and looking back I now feel silly I fell into this "trap" haha but I do like him and from what I can tell he is interested as well. But what happens after day 9? Do you guys just end up letting/liking us women to take the lead and text you? Or will you find it becomes annoying?

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  • Honestly if I really like a guy, I do text back, usually as soon as possible. Since I go to college, I have to turn my phone off for class, but as soon as I see the message I will reply. Usually sending a cute emoticon like :P :) ;) I also like to flirt a little if I can, and will initiate contact with the guy that I like, as well as try to talk to him as often as I can. I do understand people get busy, so I don't push it. I usually ask him about his day too! :D

    • Wish I met more girls like you! Girls hardly (if ever) text me first... :-(

  • In general I think this is true. If she doesn't contact you then she isn't interested. I know that when I like a guy I sit by my phone and wait for his texts, and then wait like two minutes to reply so I don't seem creepy. lol. And usually, with the guy I like, I say flirtatious stuff and they're usually longer than necessary. They might ask questions so we can keep the conversation going. :) And when I don't like a guy and I know he likes me, then I'll give him short answers so I can get out of the convo hinting that I don't really want to talk to him, or I might just not reply at all. With a guy somewhat interested, I'll definitely reply, but it may not be as immediate as the guy I like and there'll be info so that he can respond without having to think something up, but it won't be lots like it will probably end up being on the guy that I do like's. The only exception to this rule would be like family emergency with not responding to the guy that I do like. There may be certain occaision wher I just can't sit by my phone and receive texts or can't respond right away. But I will do my ultimate best to get back to him.

    • Got it. Would you ever text a guy first if he didn't text you for a couple of days (assuming you like him or are at least interested)?

    • Very likely. If it seemed weird that I was texting him to me, then I'd probably think up some excuse to be texting so did you do the english paper yet?

  • I always reply to texts. No matter who they are from (as long as I know the person, and it's not someone that I've never met before in my life).

    I think that's just common courtesy, just like most guys believe that opening doors for people should be a common courtesy.

    If I want to be nice (and I always do), I put a smiley face or something equally as cute after the funniest part of the text, or if it's something to do with sth else, and there can be no funny parts, I put it at the end of the message.

    And If I'm busy, I always remember to answer a text after I've finished the activity that kept me busy at the time.

    I'm fairly empathetic, so I always look at the situation from the point of view of the other person (in this case, the sender of the message), so I'm easy to talk to and I guess send texts to... Haha xD

    Hope I helped


    • You say you reply to texts and get back to people if you were busy at the time. How often do you send a text to a guy first? Or do you only reply to texts guys send?

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    • I mean someone you are potentially interested in, but not dating. Would you ever text him first if he didn't or would you always wait until he texted you first?

    • If I needed him for any reason (like advice, or information) I'd text him first...why not...

      Or if we're pretty good friends I'd perhaps just text him with a smiley face ^_~ , or just text him with a demand to entertain me (especially if I'm bored - in class)...

      So yeah, I'd text him first - if I know him well enough.


  • Yes, that's pretty accurate, unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g., a disagreement, a miscommunication, a schedule conflict on a certain week) to hinder her regular communication with you.

  • I get excited when I receive a text from a guy I really like. It's odd but it feels like a present.

    It depends on her schedule and what she does during the day.

  • If it's a guy who I like but who is taken/ doesn't like me the same/ I don't know where he stands, then I'll put in lot's of smilies and try and keep the conversation going. if it's with someone I like who I know likes me, I might ad a couple of Xx's. If it's someone I don't particuarly like in that way, I'll put in smileyfaces because I don't want them to think I don't like them. If I didn't reply, I'd most likely be doing something, I'd probably still be interested (:

    • How often would you text a guy you like first? (if ever)

    • If I like him and he likes me, then I'd text him if I was thinking about him, or if I got bored, so maybe every couple of days, more often if he didn't go to my school. If I liked him and I wasn't sure he liked me or he liked me as a friend, I'd be more hesitant to, so probably only if we had maybe had a laugh that day, or if I just wanted to talk It would be once a week, maybe less? But I'm kind insecure so that could be just me :L

  • yep! totally true :)

    although I try not to be too obvious of the fact that I'm interested when texting :p or else where's the fun and the flirting ;)

    when I answer, and that depend on the guy too, but usually I tease a lot :P and I'm never serious in text messages! and they're usually short because its a pain to type :p

    well anyway hope it helps :))

  • It's very true.

    If I'm really interested I always add a :), haha, or lol. To almost everything I say~ And my texts will be longer and more thought out, haha.

    If I'm not interested I usually don't answer right away and if I do I give them really short answers to try and give them the idea that I don't wanna talk lol.

  • If I'm really interested I'll reply with lots of smiley faces and such.

    If I'm somewhat interested I'll reply and be nice.

    If I'm not interested I might reply once or twice to be polite, or I'll just ignore it.

  • if I'm not interested I don't txt. or I text one worded answers. if I'm somewhat interested ill text him sometimes though I won't always answer because I like to keep him wondering and wanting to come back for more. as for a guy I'm really interested in I tend to just see how it goes. I pla the game I guess you could say.

    • So what would it mean if one day a girl and I text back and forth a bunch and the next (few days) we hardly text at all?

    • she could either be losing interest or just be busy,

  • for me if I'm liking the guy I would say somethin flirty and send it with a smiley face. but if you like her and if your not sure.. tell her you like her.

  • She's probably nervous but I don't think that's the case becuase I'm shy and I got it over with and texted my crush first

  • Interested? maybe. or I could just to polite

    if I don't respond back? I'm busy, I have a life

    • Girls aren't the only ones to overanalyze. Guys do it too. However in this case I'd say that it's common knowledge (for me at least) that if the girl doesn't reply she is busy. My curiosity is whether or not you would/do text guys first or wait for them to text you?

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