Am I one of the most unluckiest men out there?

I am a 25 year old 5'6" male and I never had a girlfriend. I have only had sex once in my life when I was 20 (she was 16). We both lost our virginities to each other but she never wanted a relationship with me. I was thrown in jail and have a stalking conviction on my record all because I brought her a cookie cake around 7-8 months later trying to ask her out to her prom (she was now 17 at the time).

I once tried to make a relationship happen with this one other girl, but she ended up becoming a transgender (became a dude). I can't believe I made out with her one time.

Like I said I am 25 and never had a girlfriend. I only had sex once in my life and it was back in 2015.

Not only am I short and never had a girlfriend, I also lost my career. I had to voluntarily surrender my EMT license (it was going to be revoked anyways).

I still live at home and on disability.

I also have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and other mental health issues.

I have been hospitalized over 13 times in my lifetime, all starting from adolescence.

I have been trying to learn programming and web development for over 3 years diligently. I am still an ameatur and suck at what I do.

I cannot get ahead in life it seems in the romance or the career department.

I only want a decently attractive woman without a romantic past (meaning no previous boyfriends or romantic bonds), but I will likely remain alone because I will never find that I feel.

I am failing at life. Period.
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9 mo
It always feels like I can never get ahead.
9 mo
I am mediocre at everything I put my hands on or my mind to.
Am I one of the most unluckiest men out there?
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