Girls, Why do you gals get offended if guys approaches you even if it's in a genuine way?

I really don't get girls nowadays because they often think of me as a monster. They will say "what is your motive", "you only care when I post a picture of myself" or think I'm out to get them. Meanwhile, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't party and although I've had opportunities to have sex with different girls I never did, so yes, even though I am 31 I am still a virgin. Even the idea of maybe going to a strip club or whatever the case is may have crossed my mind but I never acted on it because I believe it is not right. Now, I feel awkward talking to girls not because I'm scared or shy it's because of the general response is rude, it's negative. I have worked for companies in the past with horrible managers where I would feel the same way that speaking to even a manager is off-putting because of their demeanour and energy. This post is not meant for girls to lash out at me and say "so we always have to be 'on' and positive around you guys".

I am not saying that, but if someone approaches you in a nice way don't just automatically assume a guy is out to get you in a sexual way right away because that is a form of stereotyping. Just like people stereotype in racial ways that Chinese people can't drive, Jews are cheap, Muslims are terrorists, Black people are thugs in gangs, Mexicans deal with drugs or other derogative hurtful comments. As a guy I get this idea there is some much bitter, angry, resentful sexist unwarranted behaviour. I can't speak on behalf of all guys but I know girls in their teens and 20s want to consider those years there "wild years" and those years might be very slutty. But I believe people can change and I don't want to classify every girl by her past and I would want girls to be the same way with guys. Girls/women, understand something, not all of us guys/men are after you for sex. Some of us genuinely do want to date you, go out with you, possibly get married one day where we can also hold down a career and pursue others.
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When I used race as an example I am not trying to pull a tactic here, I am just stating that people do use sexist behaviour towards guys and have this negative approach about them that's all it meant in case someone is misinformed.
Girls, Why do you gals get offended if guys approaches you even if it's in a genuine way?
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