Why can’t I find a guy who actually wants a relationship?

It seems like every time I like a guy and if he likes me back, he mainly just wanna fuck and that’s it. I’ve never been with a guy before but I get anxiety when thinking about dating any of my crushes, cause the ones that I’ve had a crush on in the past years have big body counts and wanna make me the next one on their list (they didn’t tell me directly but it was obvious)

And like I’m not against sex, I wanna experience it but I don’t want just a hook up. I want a genuine relationship that leads up to sex later. But I don’t get how they see someone for the first time and automatically wanna have sex and assume I want sex without even talking to me about it first to see if I’m on the same page.

And I don’t go after guys who physically show that they’re a player, the ones I’ve almost fell for were genuine and respectful but it’s like I can’t trust no guy because I don’t know who actually wants a relationship or not. And when I ask they usually lie and say they do when really they just wanna mess around and leave.

I have trust issues with men now and I feel bad when I see people I know with their boyfriend/girlfriend because I wanna date but all I attract are horn balls and I don’t dress inappropriately. I don’t wear tight clothes or show my cleavage.
Why can’t I find a guy who actually wants a relationship?
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