Women still looking at other men when they have a respectful SO?

So what is your take on this?
One of my friends, I love her so much, but she kind of pisses me off with how she treats men she’s dating sometimes. She is dating this guy who is like 6’2 and he works in investment banking and holds a really high position. And she said she wasn’t that attracted to him at first. But he’s good in bed and cooks and is educated, etc. Anyway, he didn’t want to see anyone else but her and wanted to be exclusive but she doesn’t know if that’s what she wants. But she brought him to a party and introduced him to everyone. Anyway she also had drinks with another guy the night before this party and thinks her landlord is really cute and she talks about how hot he is all the time and how she wants to know if he’s single.
Anyway I’m annoyed because this guy she’s dating seems to be treating her so well and seems like a good guy but she doesn’t seem grateful completely.
I see a lot of other women behave this way too. No guy who’s just so perfect is enough for them. And I guess I’m perplexed because I was always a completely loyal girlfriend when I was dating and swore off any other suitors.
Women are so picky about height and I get it. I’m tall 5’9” so I think it makes sense for me to want someone over 6’ and the past several guys I have dated were all over 6 foot. But most women are much shorter than me and have these weird requirements because they’re “taller in heels.” And I get it that they want to have standards and things they look for but most of these women don’t even match up to their requirements and then act picky about the guy like somehow he’s not enough. It’s beyond frustrating to listen to. And I’m starting to tune it out.
Apologies for the rant but I’m starting to notice what a lot of men have been complaining about with women being so picky.
Women still looking at other men when they have a respectful SO?
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