Do guys mind dating a girl that has a baby?

I need an honest answer...I'm 24 and I've only been with one person in my whole life..We had a baby together and we had plans to get married but things didn't work out so I ended up. Now I'm new to this new dating thing and I don't know what to expect from guys. People tell me that I need to be prepare because there are many jerks out there and I'm going to have ups and downs. I just don't know how guys might feel dating a girl that already has a baby? Would they even consider on having something serious? I would never introduce my son to any of my dates unless I feel its something serious, I also don't like talking about it with just any guy but sometimes they take it wrong like if I'm hiding something, which I'm not I just don't want to confuse my baby having to meet many guys.
Do guys mind dating a girl that has a baby?
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