Would white guys also be attracted to mixed racial light skin girls? How do you attract them?

I've always had a preference for white men ever since I first started liking boys but I felt pressured to only date black guys. So, I never felt sexually attracted to any of my boyfriends other than the biracial/mixed racial ones like myself. Now I am 25 years and with seeing all the positive interracial couples BW/WM I see, I feel pretty encouraged and that it okay to date men I actually find attractive.

The problem is , I RARELY see any white men dating very light complexion or mixed racial black girls like me and I am both so I feel disadvantage. I only see them with more brown or darker complexion black women and because I see them with white men and everyone is okay with it that why I feel like I have more options. I often get told I don't look black enough and look mixed, I am pretty proud of my black side since I was raised that way and unless people asked I don't tell them. I don't really get approached by white men and I am pretty shy so I don't know how to approach them.

I just think it's because of the way I look and contrary to popular belief women who look like me pretty much only get approach by dark complexion black men so I don't feel I have many other options when I just have a preference. People really don't understand how hard it is for all black women regardless of how bright or dark we are, we don't really have any options.

I am starting to think I got no chance in hell with attracting the men I actually am attracted to, white men because of how I look. And I have no idea on how to, I keep getting hit on by black guys even when I make it clear I have a preference but I don't think my preference likes me. Should I just keep dating black guys because there the only ones that will have interest in me? I feel so damn ugly and unattractive because I'm light, mixed and don't look black enough' I guess I will just stick with my pinterest board of guys I like but could never get.

Would white guys also be attracted to mixed racial light skin girls? How do you attract them?
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