Is he a big red flag or should I continue seeing him?

Is he a big red flag or should I continue seeing him?

I met a guy on Tinder. We were chatting for 9 days. I was interested. But there was also somethings I didn’t know if were normal while we were chatting;

- He talked about a wedding he is going to next month and he said if we are still talking at that time if I were able to come (it is like an African style wedding, so it is huge and plenty of people who don’t know the couple will clme, but anyway..).

- He also said he really liked me and was very interested in me, and will give everything to the right woman when in a relationship.

- He seems very keen on finding someone to be serious with.

- He asked if he should delete his tinder as he was on there to met one person and not people. I said no and he respected that.

Other things I don’t like is that I checked his facebook and ig and he follows too many girls and people he doesn’t know.

But I still agreed to meet up with him and we met in person.

He was actually really sweet and I enjoyed my time with him, and I know I am also kinda into him. We were together for 3 hours at a street food market.

He was respectful, didn’t kiss me and even though he followed me home he didn’t ask to come with me. He still said that I was beautiful and he likes me and that he is looking for something that can turn serious.

He texted me straight when he came home and said thank you for tonight and told me that he had been a bit shy on the date since it was our first meeting, but he hoped I enjoyed as well.

My question is, is this a big red flag or should I continue to give him a chance? I am very interested after meeting him, but I am not sure, because no more drama for me.

Why am I asking these questions. Because I find it super hard to trust and I am very suspicious of every man I meet. I have been through the worst in the past in relationships.

I have been to therapy but now I want to date again.

Some of it with him might also be culture.

Is he a big red flag or should I continue seeing him?
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