When dating, how often do you/should you see your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I know once a week (or every two weeks) is the absolute bare minimum.. But,

I just want to know from you guys from personal experience and how often do you personally think one has to see the other when they are dating.


Oh, and I'm also interested in how often I should talk to a girl via text/calling email.

And how many of you girls prefer calling over texting or vice versa? I'm not much of a talker over the phone. hmm /=


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  • Dating at any age can be meeting once or twice a week, then more frequent when you know each other well. Depends how well you get on together and also whether you each have the time and money to see each other more frequently. Some people may not have free time due to work and social and hobby commitments, or just prefer their own time and space. Talking and texting can be the same or more frequent. Again, depends on what the other prefers and whether they have the time to do either. I like talking, but can be awkward and expensive if you don't know each other. Texting can be exciting and you can say things more easily. Hope this helps.


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  • 1-2 times a week at the start, then whatever feels comfortable/natural after that, or what your schedule permits.

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