What does it mean if a guy randomly stops texting you?

I was texting this guy I like, And he's a really cool guy. My friend kinda told him I like him but he was cool with it. He said that he "just can't see himself dating someone that doesn't go to his school but still thinks I'm awesome and can see us becoming really close friends(:" He texts me first a lot of the time but lately he just stops texting me in the middle of a conversation. His texts almost always have a lot of smiley faces and he's really nice and stuff, but what does it mean when he just quits texting me? He's single btw


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  • Month late, so situation has changed most likely..


    As a guy, I hate being always the one who initiates.. It's annoying as hell. Because it makes me feel like she's not as interested and confusing. This can also turn off a guy as wlel.

    So what you can do is, text for once and start a conversation--occasionally. Let him know that you're interested.


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  • Well he could have stop texting you because he didn't want to get your hopes or he possibly just wasn't thinking about it to much or something could have happened to his phone.