My friend is going to introduce me to his cousin?

Recently - the last 5 months - I have been hanging out with a bunch of girls and guys near my neighborhood. In fact, I started going out with them when I met an old classmate from kindergarten, and he introduced me to the group. Anyway, we all became really close now and go out to chill almost every day. A few days ago, when I invited them to my dad's cafe-bar for the New Year's Eve party, they brought a couple of other guys with them whom I didn't know. I didn't get to talk much with them, anyway. Yesterday, four of us were arranging stuff on Facebook, and I remembered to add one of the guys as a friend and he accepted. In his profile picture though were two attractive girls, but one of them captivated me! I told this jokingly to the others, so as 'hazing', one of the girls in the conversation added the guy and told him I had something to ask! Anyway, I didn't want to be a coward, so I went away and bluntly told him that the two girls in his picture were attractive, and that I hope they weren't his girlfriends. To my luck, the guy responded that they were his cousins, and that he could do something about it (see, who dares wins!). He came with us yesterday, and we liked each other, so I guess that's a plus for me, eh. He mentioned that he would introduce them to me if I can guess my answer! Last but not least, today, when we all hanged out again, he said he already called them and told them to come out with him and a friend (me) one of those days and that he had it under control. But that second, after I got enthusiastic, I also lost my color when I thought about it.

You see, aside being recently broken up (I'm not feeling bad, but still a stranger to the singles world) I never was good in dating. Especially before my ex, I was extremely shy and scared as hell to speak to girls, although intimacy with her kind of opened me up. It's not that I ain't shy now, but I know that chickening out will only bring doubt and I'll regret it. My confidence is at a good level at the moment, but I lack the dating experience to handle this calmly. Girls tell me I'm handsome and looking fit, and I'm also studying, so I guess I got some basic traits. I also am humorous, but first I need a lot of 'warming up' with a girl to get the 'fun engine' up and running.

So, to wrap this up, I know that in a few days this guy will arrange something for him, me and his cousins, and I don't know what to do. I mean, I am myself and stuff, but still, you have to impress the girl you like and show her tyou are interested in a subtle way, somehow! So how do I do this? I've never ever been in this situation before so some advice about it would be appreciated! Also, if it goes well, how do I show the girl I want to see her again? Thank you!

PS: do you think this is not a good way to meet a girl? I mean, having someone you know arrange it like this? He was discreet (he didn't say 'a friend of mine fthinks you are hot, let's hang out!') but still, what do you believe?


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  • It's fine, people usually have them introduced.

    For the second date, mention how fun it was and say something like ohh that was fun but I bet it would be even better if we _fill_in_the_blank_here_


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