He blew me a kiss... what does it mean?

So I know this guy who I've been nuts about but it seemed as if he wasn't interested in me for a long time. We have remained friends anyways. So two days ago I went to hang out with a friend and he was there, he was more attentive than usual and trying to make more jokes. He told me he texted me earlier that day and several times asked me to check his message. I had a good time. When we had to say good bye he walked me to my car and as he left walking he turned to see me and blew me a kiss good bye.

Is he just being friendly with me? it is something that guys do with friends they like and hang out with?


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  • Sounds like you know what it means.

    But in case you don't, he likes you. He's not just being friendly.


What Girls Said 1

  • Boys don't blow kisses at girls that don't mean anything to them. That was a really gutsy move on his part. So flirt back.