Girls, which guy would you rather date? You have to pick 1!!!!

Man A) He's so good looking and sexy. Of course, this is relative so conjure up an image of your fantasy dream man. The guy that could get you feeling hot and sexy with just one look. He's still humble about his looks and doesn't lord his sexiness over your head like a cocky a**hole. He's just so irresistible to you and he drives you wild and he feels the same way about you.

But he's poor! He doesn't always hold down a job and if he does it's very low paying. He will need your help a lot and you vastly outearn him. He lives in a bad neighborhood and has a lower standard of living. You'll be shopping at discount stores and clipping coupons out of necessity and you'll go without pleasures and luxuries a lot. You're on a very tight budget and must watch every penny.


Man B) He is very rich and a great provider. Of course, what's "rich" to one person, is relative because we all have different standards of living. But just picture someone who can take you out to places you've never been, spoil you and money is never an issue. He's not buying you like a hooker, he's just loaded and very generous to people he loves.

But he's ugly! The thought of him touching your body or even kissing you nearly makes you sick and you often wish he was handsomer. You find it hard to get past his looks and when you do kiss (sex, hook up, whatever your choice is) you often imagine that he was someone else. You have to convince yourself into finding his appearance tolerable. He's physically repulsive - You don't like his face, his weight or his style and his appearance isn't changing because it's genetic and he has no swag.


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  • I would pick "man A".

    Money is not that important to me. I've never had much money growing up anyway. I don't need fancy things or whatever to be happy. Also, I could get a better job, to help support us. Having him treat me with respect and being a good person is more important to me, than money. The reason I wouldn't pick "man B", is because I wouldn't be able to go home to a guy every night, that the though of kissing/touching him, disgusts me. I have to be attracted to someone to be with them.


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  • I would choose A without a shadow of doubt.