Is he ignoring my whatsapp messages?

My boyfriends whatsapp status keeps on switching to online and I know for a fact, that he is addicted to his phone. Yet he doesn't answer my messages until late in the evening. Is he purposefully ignoring me, and only talking to his friends?


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  • Did you ask him?

    • Nope. Do you think I should?

    • That's a good place to start. If he's busy during the day, or isn't allowed to be on his phone (my work doesn't allow us to screw around on our phones even if we aren't busy) that would explain it.

    • He can use his phone at work, he used to text me back more frequently. And his status keeps on popping to online and the messages get ticked, so I believe that means he is using whats-app, just not to talk to me. When he is with me he's constantly on his phone, so I know he generally answers people. I am not sure he would be honest with me anyway. Would you, if your girlfriend asked you directly, if you were ignoring her, and you were indeed? And what would you think of her, if she did ask?

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  • that was happening to me with my boyfriend... some phones keep it open and it has a cliche that keeps turning it on but they are not on...