Will he everr text me again?

I met this guy while I was out with friends. He and I danced the night away, he asked if I'd go over to his place and I said no. He still asked for my number and we texted the next day for a few hours. Then later that week I asked him to come out, we had another great night of dancing and talking. He and I have a lot in common, good chemistry and attraction is def there. He's seen my pictures with other guys, and knows that I go out a lot. But I won't hook up with him because I actually like him. The third time we met up, everything went smoothly. He asked if Id hang out after, and I said no. I don't want to give in that easy, maybe playing hard to get pushed him away. Its been a week since we texted, I initiated the last text so I don't want to text him again first. Should I assume he's moved on? It sux because I know he liked me.. I don't know because even though I'm out with other guys I like him.


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  • Babe you pushed a little too hard turning down a guy twice is pretty harsh and v dnt take it lightly

    so its probably best if you called him and explained him how you felt and that you just wanna take it slow because you like him a lot and don't want this chemistry to fail or if you are one of those who dnt wanna get thr hands dirty then leave things to luck and pray that he texts

    • im going to ask him out, even though we haven't spoken in over a week

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    • Exactly fok him

      find a hotter better dude

    • thanks I will :)

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  • You shut him down twice. He thinks your a game player looking for attention. Ball is in your court, it's up to you to keep contact. Did you ever actually think that maybe he wasn't just trying to sleep with you and wanted to just spend more time with you?

    If he sincerely likes you, he will take it slow like you are wanting to do.


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  • It could push him away if he's a player. That could be what's going on. He might have liked you for one night.

    You could text him and say "It felt great spending time with you. I would like to see you again if you want to ask me out, I was wondering what it would be like to kiss you?" That will get his attention.

    Then you're not actually initiating seeing him again. He'll have to invite you. If he invites you out he's interested. If you only turned him down twice and he comes back he might be boyfriend material.

    If you do go out, give the guy a kiss If he's a boyfriend kind of guy, he will wait.

    If doesn't invite you out on an actual date, he might be just looking for a hookup. If you're looking for a boyfriend, Don't hook up with him to get him to like you. It doesn't work that way!

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