What are some signs a guy likes you over text?

Alright guys what are some signs you give girls over text when you like them?


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  • I think long texts and patient/detailed answers are signs of liking you. I always text my crushes with grammatically correct spell-checked sentences as opposed to sms language I send to others.

    But I do put some SMS text here and there just to make it look real..

    However, I doubt if you can tell if a guy likes you or not, by his text. Maybe, cross checking his texting preferences with his personality could help a bit...like is the guy shy and does he hate people? Does he still text you despite hating people? Then, he definitely likes you. But if he's popular and nice to all people, it's probably that he is just being nice to you too.


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  • Compliments and emoticons! For me, I'd text her compliments(not excessively) about what she's good at, like track or golf. I'd also include a few subtle compliments about her looks, again, not too excessively. I also use emoticons to show my interest, especially the ;) ;D ;P , as the wink suggests something beyond the words. Also I start the conversations, by texting her first, and often too.(every other day or every couple of days).

    If a guy does these things, then he's sure to have an interest in you!


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