Why does he blow me kisses?

Sometimes he'll get my attention then blow me a kiss. Or sometimes we'll just be talking and he does that. I always smile and look away when he does it. What does he think about my reaction and why does he do it?


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  • He is a flirting maestro haha! It takes balls to that!

    It means he is confident, comfortable around you. If I wink at a girl and she smiles and look away, I will know she likes me. Maybe I will do it again to see that smile again.

    He enjoys your reaction to his flirts. But it is hard to say if he is flirting for fun or really likes you at this point...


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  • Because it's a sign that he WOULD kiss you in person, probably just a quick peck of affection... being in the military has perhaps developed his affection for long-gone friends and friends overseas a lot more than people actually within his uh... radius. So a guy that blows a lot of kisses is much better at hypothetical kissing than real kissing. That sounds terrible, but it's true. It's also not said for cute points.

    But again, it's a kiss IOU. It would've been there and happened for sure, maybe with a bit more hesitation, but doesn't it make it that much sweeter when it does actually happen?


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