He won't date me because I dated his friend?

I've seen this guy looking at me like he really likes me for a while now. And he flirts with me when we're alone and we've gotten very close to getting intimate but it's always like something is holding him back.

Well I dated one of his fraternity brothers a year ago for about a month or two, and I've heard that he's not over me for some reason. He's always wanting me to keep away from the frat house and from his brothers and always makes it clear that he doesn't want me around when he's around and doesn't want me trying to hook up with any of his brothers.

And whenever my ex and my crush are in the same room, my crush isn't flirty and gets distant and doesn't flirt like when we're alone.

I get the feeling he's not going to make a move because he knows that my ex doesn't want me around and doesn't want me trying to hook up with his friends, so what should I do? I can sense the attraction and chemistry between us but what do I do when there's an ex between us?Thanks


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  • talk to him about it. =) Ask him what he wants and how he feels. You will then know and you can go from there.


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  • Seems immature. Stay away from any boy that is that petty

    • who my crush or my ex

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    • i mean I kinda understand where he's coming from not wanting to piss of his friend but you're right it feels like high school all over again. but its not easy just forgetting about him I tried at some point, didn't see him for almost 3 weeks and when I saw him again all those feelings came back. I really like him a lot

    • Tell him what we just talked about and for him to just get over it as it really does not matter

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  • You can talk to him about it but don't get mad or frustrated if you get an answer from him you don't like... because at the end of the day he's just trying to be a loyal/good friend.

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